Vehicle Wraps


Take your company’s look, and message, to the streets with vehicle wraps. Custom vehicle wraps are a cost-effective way to completely change the color of your vehicle as well as add your message and brand at the same time. Now, wherever you go, your brand and message will go with you and be seen by thousands of potential new customers!

Our vehicle wraps are printed with expert color matching using 12-color fine art printers on to automotive grade, and paint safe 3-4 mil vinyl (check specs - brand name?). In addition to changing the look of your vehicle, these wraps also provide protection for the original paint color, and can be safely removed from the vehicle at a later date. The typical lifespan of a vehicle wrap is three to seven years, depending on environmental conditions.

In addition to full vehicle wraps, we also offer partial vehicle wraps, and vinyl application. Partial wraps are usually applied to the doors, hood and trunk of the vehicle. Vinyl application covers just a small portion of the vehicle, and usually consists of simple text or graphics.

Installation of the vehicle wrap is done by our highly skilled and trained technicians, to ensure that the wrap fully conforms to the contours of your vehicle with a seamless appearance. The installation process typically takes two to three days.


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